Send a Kid to Camp

MDA Summer Camp removes the barriers of everyday life and makes anything possible for kids with muscular dystrophy and related life-threatening muscle diseases. Campers have the freedom to discover new interests while gaining self-confidence and making lifelong friendships. MDA Summer Camp provides kids with opportunities to learn valuable life skills that prepare them to advocate for their needs, become independent and live unlimited.

Thank you to these donors who made a donation at the 2016 Black-N-Blue Ball to help send MDA clients to Summer Camp at no cost to their families.

Adam and Dawn Ames
Adam and Elisa Ziebell
Adam Hedtcke
Alan and Linda Antoniewicz
Amy and Doug Pearce
Amy and Steve Ostop
Andrew and Breanna Stephany
Andrew and Laura Fish
Andrew and Liz Thompson
Andrew and Lori Barrieau
Andrew Rush
Andy and Amy Cote
Andy and Hilary Vatter
Andy Srok and Lauri Burkard
Anne and Mark Zube
Anne Kirschling
Annette and Scott Blanchard
Annette Goebl
Anthony Pellegrino
Austin and Kim Chisolm
Becky and Ted Wisnefski
Ben and Angela Davis
Ben and Shannan Vlieger
Betsy and Josh Hufford
Bill and Deb Weis
Bill and Katie Broderick
Bill Bristoll
Bob and Barb O’Brien
Bob Buerger and Kristin Erickson
Bob Leppanen
Brad and Heidi Netzel
Brad and Mary Witte
Brent and Chelsey Vissat
Brent and Kristin Bunker
Brett and Gretchen Seamons
Brette Dowson
Brian and Bridgette Andrew
Brian and Kim Pietruszynski
Brian and Krissy Kobylinski
Brian and Tammian Moore
Brian and Wendy Merkle
Brian Bentley and Judy Green
Brian Frahm
Brian Jackson
Brian McCarey
Brian Reider
Brian Sondag
Brooks and Lisa Miller
Bryant Direlbiss
Bud and Pauline Jaske
Carly Lockrem
Carol and Dennis Schaeffer
Carrianne May
Carrie and Russ Wergin
Casey and Beth Spelman
Chad and Julie Carpenter
Chad Kreblin
Charlene and Paul Lake
Chris and Courtney Burns
Chris and Heather Fetner
Chris and Karri Tait
Chris Krasovich
Chris Perry
Christian and Kate Mitchell
Christian and Kristin Walters
Christine and James Koutnik
Christopher and Jessie Banaszek
Christopher and Selina Kovach
Chuck and Darlene Ramus
Chuck and Kathy Steinmetz
Claudia and Michael Garber
Claudio Schellino
Clay Covert
Connie Walters and Bart Achtenhagen
Corey Martens
Craig and Karen Halsema
Craig and Kris Dretzka
Craig and Patti Robertson
Curt Zackiewicz
Daisuke Tajima
Dale and Kay Lynn Leonard
Damon and Joanna Hesse
Dan and Dawn Vaccaro
Dan and Faiza Strain
Dan and Kim Burkwald
Dan Leadstrom
Dave and Amy Cotteleer
Dave and Brianne Ring
Dave and Christa Beres
Dave and Christine Foley
Dave and Heidi Bauer
Dave and Lynn Krutz
Dave Elliott
David and Kay Rolston
David Jones
Dawn Sauer
Deb Schloemer
Dirk and Karen Wilken
Don Sally and Christine Andersen
Donna and Jason Goetze
Doug Adrian
Doug Jacobson
Dustin and Jennifer Vorpahl
Elizabeth and Patrick Morack
Elizabeth and Tyler Lewis
Eric Phillippi
Erik Lewis
Erin Boyd
Frank Habib
Frank Wilfing
Fred and Patty Galante
Fred and Yvonne Bruhn
Gabrielle Becker
Gary and Kathy Palazzolo
Gary and Patty Chatham
George and Natalie Moubayed
Georgia and George Mayer
Gina and Mary Ann Cilento
Gina Skibo
Goran and Luca Zadrima
Graham Murphy
Grant and Jenny Leisure
Grant and Lilly Gromowski
Greg and Anne Schmidt
Greg and Guest of Greg Teeters
Greg and Janet Smith
Greg and Julie Lyster
Gregg and Rondi Olson
Gwyn and John Beagle
Henry and Judy Hummel
Holly and Tim Stendler
Isaac Aunkst
Jamie and Chris Speaker
Jan and Clint Filipowicz
Jarrod and Josie Dornbach
Jason and Lindsay Evans
Jay and Cynthia Edwards
Jay Fiske
Jeff and Antonette Zellmer
Jeff and Kim Ambrose
Jeffry Quinn and Marissa Stoll-Quinn
Jennifer and Michael Mills
Jennifer and Mike Hansen
Jerry Seideman
Jill and Andy Havely
Jim and Francine Zizelman
Jim and Judith Federico
Jim and Kathy Krolczyk
Jim and Susan Janik
Jim and Terri Prekop
Jim Brown
Jim Willard
Joe and Amy Schaffer
Joe and Donna White
Joe and Emily McKeown
Joe and Jenny Imhoff
Joe and Natalie Adamick
Joe Fallico
John and Jennifer Reinke
John and Julie Hengel
John and Kimberly Novak
John and Margie Danno
John and Pam Arcuri
John and Sara Bylak
John and Spring Smriga
John and Therese Lang
John Cowan
John Turpin
Jon and Heather Siade-Cox
Jordan Montanino
Josh and Nicole Larson
Julie and Jim Popp
Julie Barnes and Tim Brehmer
Julie Davis
Kaitlin Reed
Kamin and Adrienne Mahoney
Karen Dziadulewicz
Karin and Joe Szarzinski
Karin Apitz and Wayne Kersten
Karla Diaz
Katie and Jason Lauer
Katie Husting
Katrina and Joseph Thompson
Keith and Tracy Jochims
Ken and Kim Bowman
Ken and Sandy Peters
Ken and Yvonne Ostermann
Ken Koizumi
Kent and Amy Attwell
Kerry and Bobbi Smith
Kevin and Amanda Kodz
Kevin and Lisa Sweeney
Kevin and Mary Jacobson
Kevin and Melissa Moran
Kevin and Sherri Fredrick
Kevin Nunn
Kiki Nimtz
Kim and Jon Howard
Kipp and Holly Podlewski
Kirsten Frank and Russell Mueller
Kit and Therese Nelson
Kris and Amber Roesken
Kristin Souvigny
Kurt Person
Kyle and Debbie Johansen
Kyle and Lauren Alban
Kyle Kampf
Kyle Sugiyama
Larry and Cammy Harvey
Leann and Joe McKune
Leesa and Charles Gilliam
Leif and Laura Esbensen
Len and Crystal Roecker
Leslie and Jeff Thiele
Lindsey and John Muchka
LoAnn Burt
Lou Ann Koval
Lynn Rohmann
Marco Guglielmini
Margo Straman
Maria Ponce
Maripat and Bob Blankenheim
Mark and Anne Train
Mark and Patti Ziskind
Mark and Robin Osmanski
Mark Heisman
Mark Heisman
Mark Van Genderen
Marty and Gail O’Shea
Mary Kay and Darryl Lee
Mathew and Jessie Peterson
Matt and Colleen Waech
Matt and Janne Goihl
Matt and Katie Johnson
Matt and Sam Kleine
Matt Dixon
Megan Lynch
Mel Kleverova Zilliox and Michael Zilliox
Michelle Learman and Emma Hirschy
Mike and Beth Yonk
Mike and Cathy Butler
Mike and Jenny VanGroll
Mike and Julie Logan
Mike and Karen Zielinski
Mike and Laura Arnow
Mike and Laurie Hynes
Mike and Linda Hager
Mike and Nancy Erwin
Mike and Nancy Kennedy
Mike and Nicole Gustafson
Mike and Sheila Carlin
Mike Murphy and Jean Garrity
Miller and Cheri Newton
Mitch Olig
Nancy and Chris Tribbey
Nancy Dzurko
Nathan and Amy Pepin
Neil and Erica Riegelman
Neil Karolek
Nick and Katie Faleris
Nick and Mrs. Nick Malzewski
Nickolas Hoffman
Nikki and Paul Flanagan
Oscar Robles
Pat and Bert Sweeney
Pat and Lisa Lamb
Pat Habanek
Patrick Schwobe
Paul and Elena Krause
Paul and Joy Cornish
Paul and Kris Murray
Paul and Melissa Przyby
Paul Huettl
Paul Suvak
Perry Glassgow and Kelly Clark
Peter and Sofia Kromis
Phil Malliet
Philip and Sandy Anderson
Rachel and Rob Blise
Randal Herrin
Randi Kiel and Todd Lammert
Randy and Rhoda Howard
Rebecca McAllister
Rheanna Jaske and Ryan Dickerson
Richard and Lori Duffey
Rick and Chris Behrend
Rick Donner and Hillary McCown
Rick Haag
Rob Whitney
Robert and Jackie Koller
Robert Moakley and Katie Newcomb
Rodney Miller
Ron Talley
Rose and Joe Nelson
Roy Greenwood
Sandy and Mark Pierantoni
Scott and Tracy Heinle
Scott Bertschinger and Carrie Swendrowski
Scott Furmanski and Elisha Pacheco
Scott Houpt and Deedee Sumner
Sean and Julie Cummings
Sean and Megan Zielinski
Sean Donahue
Seth and Niki Jaeck
Seth McNally and Katie Develvis
Shannon Sullivan
Sharon and Jerry Ellis
Simon and Cathy Davis
Srivas and Amy Prasad
Stacey and Wally Orten
Stephanie and Jack Lyons
Stephanie and Joe Rosentreter
Steve and Amy O’Shea
Steve and Rachel Jennings
Steve and Tammy Ristow
Steve and Val Berg
Steve and Valerie Jaske
Sue and Tom Monaghan
Susan Jaske and Dan Driscoll
Suzanne Forman
Tchernavia Rocker and Daryoush Bagheri
Teppti Tatsuno
Teresa Weber
Teri Kieffer and Gail Beyer
Thomas Browning and Deborah Wood
Tim and Christie Carlson
Tim and RaeJean Muchenberger
Tim Griffin
Tim Haas and Joan Kosidowski
Tim Sauck and Leslie Perkins
Tim Zubradt
Timm and Lori Laszkiewicz
Todd and Dawn Berlin
Todd and Fran Reynolds
Todd and Lynn Minkin
Todd and Patricia Backus
Tom and Carmen Christie
Tom and Dawn Precia
Tom and Laney Pitstick
Tom Butler
Tom Hermann and Cathi Pawelczyk
Tom Simeone
Toni Robinson and Paul Fossum
Tony and Cassy Drew
Tony and Joan Handzlik
Tony and Kayla Flint
Tori Termaat
Tracy and Clare Tenpenny
Tracy and Mike Vogt
Trent Poole and Joell Vantaggi-Poole
Trisha Ratkiewicz and Jacob Russell
Wendy Miles and Rich Hoffman
William Pennington and JoAnne Pauli
Willie G. and Nancy Davidson