Send A Kid To Camp

Send A Kid To Camp
MDA Summer Camp provides campers living with muscle disease a total camping experience with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop friendships at no cost to MDA families. A week at camp can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime for campers and volunteers. Kids often call it “The best week of the year.” Most importantly, MDA Summer Camp allows kids the opportunity to have the same experience as their peers living without a disability.
Guests at the Black-N-Blue Ball have the opportunity to make a donation to send kids to MDA Summer Camp in June.

Research Match Sponsorship Opportunity
Every year, the Summer Camp appeal is one of the most successful components of the Black-N-Blue Ball, raising over $100,000 to send kids to MDA summer camp in June.

The kids love going to camp, but what they’d like more than anything is to find a cure for neuromuscular disease. Sponsors can match a portion of the dollars raised during the live Summer Camp appeal at the event $10,000 or more worth of research for one of MDA’s 250 funded projects.

Did You Know??
-MDA invests more to fight muscle disease than any other nonprofit organization in the U.S.
There are currently 250 MDA-funded research projects in 12 countries
-There are more new drugs in development expected in the next 5 years than in the previous 5 decades!
-Our research is finding effective treatments, causing our Transitions Program to be our fastest growing support program allowing more kids with muscle disease to live well into adulthood.
-MDA invested $30 million total into the best research in the world last year

Thank you to our sponsor: KIDO

For more information on how to participate, contact Jenna Renno, or 262-432-7992.